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“EAGLE RABBIT PURHEPECHA/Uakus Ahuani, Aguila Conejo” 2006










It has been made in this edition to facsimile the “Vocabulary of the Language of Michocan” (the Purhepecha Nation). Composed by the invader Fray Maturino Gilberti del Seraphico to avoid whichever alteration of the text, even though there persist the difficulties of reading since it was published in 1559 when not all was established neither by phonetics nor orthography (of European immigrants and mass murderers).

To facilitate a little of the lecture of this dictionary, we give the following advice: The order of the Purhepecha alphabet is the following: a, ca, ch, za, ce, ci, zo zu, co, cu, e, h, i, m, n, o, p, ph; q, qh, que, qui, ta, tha, te, the, ti, thi, to, tho, tu, thu, tz, thz, ts, ths, v, and x.

Order of the Spanish alphabet is: a, b, ca, cl, co, cr, cu, za, ce, ci, zo, zu, ch, d, e, f, g, h, I, consonant, i vocal, l, m, n, o, p, qua, que, qui, r, s, t, v vocal, v, consonant, x, and z.

The large here form of one f, but without the stick crossed.

The z (simple) equiviates tz; or the z.

All the words that starts with cua should be seen as qua, like cuanas; rana; that looks like cuanas. For certain that this syllable has changed in the communion of gua, like Guanajuato which is Quanashuato: in the mountain of frogs.

The u equivocates a v and the b, like auaro (avaro) and cauallo (caballo).

Spanish has changed from the 16th century in which this task was published, to our days, like catuo for cautivo, huego por fuego, vesso por hueso, verta por huerta, ombre por hombre, etcetera. As other words, we no longer know their significance, like quitupandicumani that translated here as desayararse going after something. Perhaps desyararse signifies desviarse.

Yes Spanish has had such changes even when the writer had other writing tasks where one was guided to not fall out of the triangle of language, where it has not happened with Purhepecha with little books where one can read constantly? The results have been that modern Purhepecha has lost a number of vocals; others have been changed in its form and even in its significance. Till this date, there has not been a modern Purhepecha Dictionary.

THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS DICTIONARY. For such motives we not the importance of this dictionary so much by the people who have an interest for the Purhepecha language, like the investigators of the ancient culture especially of Michoacan, now that they have to read documents written in the 16th century in the same way of this dictionary. In the school of History in the University of Michoacan of Saint Nicolas of Hidalgo, the roots of the Ancient Purhepecha along with those of Nahuatl and the Paleographic are expanding, to prepare conveniently the future investigators and masters of our history. Look, see, the great importance that the publication of this dictionary has and the utility it represents. Hopefully and soon there is a reprint of the Grammar and Dictionary of priest Juan Bautista Lagunas, like the government of Dr. Franco Rodriguez has in print, already exhausted, of the grammar, or Art of the Purhepecha Language of Fray Diego de Basalenque.

BIBLIOGRAPHIC DATES OF THE AUTHOR. The religious Franciscan Fray Maturino Gilberti was born in 1498 in Tolosa, ancient capital of the Aquitania visigothic and of the Languedocian medieval and today from the departmento of Alto Garona: in France. Courses in the University of this place, Arts and Theology come in the Franciscan province of Aquitania. By 1531, New Spain came. Perhaps by the capture of Michoacan, in 1535, began in work of spiritual colonization with the Purhepecha. He was the occupier of Uruapan from the years of 1571 and of Zinapekuaro in 1575. He died in Tzintzuntzan on October 3rd, 1585. His third print of the Purhepecha language was the “Dialogue of the Christian Doctrine in Michuacan” (1559), had given place to the path of “bad sounds… and not put properly in the language”, and that has had sour discord, that has settled on other points, with the occupier bishop Don Vasco de Quiroga. (Jose Bravo Ugarte. Preliminary Note of the Dictionary of the Purhepecha Language, ed 1962). This fight should be considered, given the violent character of Don Vasco, because the king expedited a document ordering that Giberti leave New Span, but that was revoked by another document of May 8, 1572 directed to the archbishop and the viceroy, stating “we have see that the saying of fray Mutrino would be missing on this earth, for being a person of good morals and language, and much opinion within the Indians, and old and real ancient in it.”  



The Purhepecha Dictionary or of the language of Michoacan on behalf of the priest Gilberti, is a book so rare; that neither in Mexico nor in Europe have I found an example completed to reprint it, nothing stands in the way of getting it at whatever price, within the rare books section. The Purhepecha language is spoken in large parts of Michuacan, Queretaro, and Guananjuato: it is studied, necessary to propagate the benefits of the indigenous class, this would be a doubt.



A ante B/A before B.

De los que comiencan en A/Ones that start with A.


A para llamar. To call. he.

Aa de que halla a otro en maleficio. Spellbind. Oykiyk uel ahuiykiyki.

Aa a del que se rie. The one that laughs. ahahaha, vel, ehehehe.

A alguna parte. To some place. Nani maro.

Abad prelado o dignidad. Head of Monastey. Teruhtzikuri. l.

amberiechani umbahtaxahuari umbakuz huari.

Abad ser. To be a priest. Teruhtzikutzpeni maro.

Abadia del tal. teruhtzicuriekua. Some monastery. 1. Aberiekua.

Abadesä de monjas, Nuns house. Diosen hakahkuchan hukahpeti.

Abahar. Come down. Kuhuanda petani. vel. Hiretani.

Abahada cosa. Some slope. Kuhuanda niraretekata.

Abasamiento. Base, the strong hold. Kuhuada petakua, vel. Hiretakua.

Abarcar entre bracos. Station between. Kamapakuni, vel. Ehkuangatani.

Abarcada cosa. Something stationed. Kamapakukata, vel. Ehkuangatakata.

Abarrancarse. To station. Uekanguekuareni.

Abarrancadero asi. Like that station. Harata, vel. Kauari.

Abarrisco. Station. Pangueni, vel. Arangueni.

Abarriseo llegar, el ladron todo lo que auia en casa o destruirlo todo el

granizo o yelo. The degenerate crook took all or destroyed all.

Yamendo pangueni, vel arangueni.

Abasta aduerbio. Supply _____. Harahniue, xanihko, vel. Haraxti.

Abatirse la aues. Destroy _____. Kahpatzenoni.

Abastimiento asi. dejection, low spirits. Kahpatzenokua.

Abatir a otro humillandole. Destroy someone through humility.

Kuahramatahpeni, vel. Vekzkuyarani.

Abatido asi. Despicable. Kuahramatahperakua, vel. Uekzkungari.

Abatimiento tal. Kuaramatahperakua, vel. Uekzkuhperakua.

Abaxar oir defeendir. To stop by protecting. Kuezkukata.

Abaxar a alguna cosa de alto. Put a stop to something. Kuezkuni.

Abaxada cosa asi. Bring things down. Kučzkukata.

Abaxarse inclinandose. Squat down. Kutitzemani, vel. Kutitzeni.

Abaxamiento tal. That slope. Kutitzemakua, vel. Kutitzekua.

Abaxo. Under. Kuetzekqua.

Abeja de miel que cria dentro en el arbol. Bee in tree. Ehpus hatzikuti.

Abeja montesa de miel. Mountain honeybee. Uauapukuipu.

Abeja otra que haze penar en los arboles. Kuipa hatzikuti.

Abeja otra de miel que cria debaxo de tierra. Ground honeybee. Kapani.



Abeja grande demiel que horada los arboles. Big bee in tree. Kaherikapari

Abejon o cosa asi. bumblebee. Kapari.

Abertura de lo cerrado. Open of what was closed. Nutakua

Abertura de la boca. Mouth open. Arampzkuarekua, vel. Aratakua.

Abertura de Canja. Opening _____ . Yirukutaro.

Abertura de llaga. Wound. Katitzikutzperakua.

Abertura de mano. Open hands. Pirahekukua.

Abertura de ojos. Open eyes. Pirangarikua.

Abierto. Open. Mitaket. Mitakuareti.

Abil persona. Agile person. Ambouati vel. Ezkuareri.

Abilidad. Agility. Ambouakua. vel. Ezkuarekua.

Abilmente. Agile. Ambouaparini vel. Ezkuareparini ambe u’ni

Abismo agua profunda. Deep water abyss. Hauamekuaro.

Abismo cosa muy honda o muy baxa. Abyss w/low water. Hauanguetiro.

Abispa parda. Wasp ____ . Hizpenzri.

Abispa amarilla. Yellow wasp. Tzitzis.

Abituarse algo o habituarse. Relax some or accustom. Pinderahpeni.

Abituar a alguno en alguna cosa. Help someone. Pinderahpeni.

Abituado asi. Accustomed like that. Pinderakata.

Abituado. Relaxed or accustomed. Pindeti.

Abitacion o habito. Residence. Pindepindexekua.

Abiuar a otro. Occupy someone. Tzezhandahpeni.

Abiuado. Occupied. Tzezhandi.

Abiuarse. Occupy. Tzezhandakuareni.

Ablandar cera o cosa asi. Moisten honey. Enkuataperani. vel. Yihduni.

Ablandada cosa asi. Moisten something like that. Kuataperakata. vel. Yhkukata.

Ablandar cuero o pan duro a la lumbre, o hinchazon que esta en alguna

parte del cuerpo. Kuoderantzani vel. Kuataperantzani vel.

Uehpazkuntzani. Moisten skin or hard bread or part of body.

Ablandada cosa asi. Kuenderanzkata. vel. Uehpazkunzkata vel. Ktaperakata.

Ablandar fruta entre los dedos. Soften fruit with hands. Puchapucha arani.

Ablandada fruta. Soften fruit. Puchahkukata.

Ablandar el tiempo. Ripen. Yangayangandeni. vel. Uehpandeni. l. Huremaradeni

Abocados. Mild. Kahtzankahtzamandini. vel. Katzambarini.

Abochanadas echar algo. Eat something possibly? Kurakarundini. vel. Tzikitani.

Abochonarse las miesses. Overheat grains? Pirani ytzuuani. vel. Zanini.

Abochornadas miesses. Overcooked grains? Pirani ytzuuati vel. Xaniri.

Abosetear. Poczangaricuhpeni, vel. Pacxangaricuhpeni. vel. Tayangaricuhpeni,




Abofeteado. Slapped around. Pokzangarikungari. vel. Pakxangarikugari. l. Tayangaricungari, Tzokzangarikungari.

Aboseteador. Slap. Pokzangarikuhperi, vel. Pakxangarikuhperi. I. Tayangazperi. Tzokzangarikuhperi.

Abogar hablar par otro. Speak for someone. Uandapatzpeni.

Abogacia. Lawyership. Uandapatzperakua.

Abogado. Lawyer. Uandapatzpeti.

Abollar. Dent or bruise. Tzitani.

Abollada cosa. Something bruised. Tzitakata.

Abolladura. A bruise. Tzitarakua.

Abominar. Abominate. Ikichantzani, vel. Kuruhnantzani.

Abominable cosa. Something abominable. Nocan pakatzekuan has.

Abominacion. Abomination. Nocan pakatzekuan hajeti.

Abominada cosa. Something abominated. Ikichanzkata.

Abonar el tiempo. Time goes on. Pinpingahchurantzani. vel. Ambomarantzani. Vel. Pinamani.

Abonar a otro en la hazienda. Give from hacienda. Hinetan mayamuhpentzani.

Abonar a otro en la fama. Help someone in the fame. Hatzpahpeni.

Abonado asi. Someone who wants or has. Hatzpangari.

Aborrecer a alguno. Detest someone. Kurahnahpeni, vel. Ikichahpeni, vel. Tzingarihpeni. vel. Ningaritzpeni.

Aborrecedor tal. Such hater. Kuruhuahperi ikichahperi. vel. Tzingaripeti, vel. Ningaritzperi.

Abonecible cosa. Detestable thing. Ikichakuanhas, vel. Kurunguekuan has.

Aborrecida cosa. Something boring. Ikichakata vel. Kurunguekata.

Aborrecimiento. Boring. Ikichahperanzkua.

Abortar, o mal parir tomando algo para ello. Abort or take wrong. Huuani.

Abortada criaturi asi. Abort a child like that. Uatzihuuacata.

Abortadura tal. Such abortion. Kuatzihuuakua.

Abortar mouer por ocasion sin voluntad. Abort for occasion without will. Manatakuareni, vel. Manaranchani.

Abortado nacido sin tiempo. Aborted born with time. Iuririhco. Huuakata.

Abotonarlos arboles. To bud trees. Tziquintzani. vel. Tzipamuni. 

Abotonado arbol. Budded tree. Tzikintziangatapu.

Abracar. _______ ? Kahmadahkuhpeni.

Abracada cosa. ____ ? Kamapakukata.

Abracado o abraco. _____ ? Kahmadahkuhperakua.

Abrasarce la tierra de gran calor. Hug earth of great heat. Kunitzendeni ocheri.



Abrasada tierra. Burned earth. Echerikuritzendo.

Abrasamiento tal. Such burn. Echerikuritzendekua.

Abrasarse del sol. Hug the sun. Aparetaro nirani.

Abrasada cosa asi. Hug something like that. Aparetaro niti.

Abrasamiento tal. Such passion. Aparetaro nikua.

Abrasarse del fuego. Hold on to the fire. Aparetaro nirani.

Abrasado asi. Hugged as such. Aparetaro niti.

Abrasamiento tal. Aparetaro nikua.

Abreujar. Kapierani. no yachatani.

Abrecuiada cosa. Kapierakata.

Abreuiador. Abbreviator. Kapierahperi.

Abreuiatura. Opening. Kapierakua.

Abrigado lugar. Place of shelter. Tipatiro.

Abrigado esta el lugar. The place is warm, cozy. Tipando.

Abrigar arropar a otro. To shelter and clothe another. Xukutahpeni.

Abrigada cosa asi. Something sheltered. Xukutakata. vel. Guanahchakurakata.

Abrigo asi. Shelter as such. Xukutahperakua.

Abrigo viento lluvioso. Shelter rainy wind. Tariyata. vel. Uingatariyata.

Abrigar algo de viento. Shelter something from wind. Ondani.

Abrigada cosa asi. Something sheltered as such. Ondakueti.

Abrigo tal. Such shelter. Ondakata.

Abril mes quarto. April fourth month. lo mezmo. vel. Abril. cutzi.

Abrir. Open. Mitani.

Abrirse la llaga o nacido. Born. Katihtzicuni.

Abrir carta. Open letter. Mitani xiranda.

Abrir la boca. Open mouth. Aratani.

Abrir los ojos. Open eyes. Pirangarini.

Abrir la mano. Open hand. Pirahcuni.

Abrir canja para fundemento. Open soup for energy. Haratzeni uekzkukuekani.

Abrochar. Button. Honarini.

Abrochado. Buttoned. Honarikata.

Abrochadura. Buttons. Honarikua.

Abrojo. Thorns, hidden rocks. Chekameti.

Abrojo otro. More rocks. Idem. Tzurumbeni.

Abrojo grande que sale de tierra. Checameti pakuez.

Abrojo de Ia tierra. Thorns of the earth. Chekameti terendapu tzurumu.



Abrojo otro. Shelter another. Tzurumu.

Abroquelarse. ________? Nikukuareni, vel. Erokuareni.

Abuen tiempo. At a good time. Tzezco.

Abuhado estar. It is punctured. Carahta huani.

Abuliado asi. Lack of power like that. Carahta huuari.

Abultar por hornato. Enlarge in cooking. tsezxararahati tsezhajeti.

Abultado en rostro o cuerpo. Bulky in body. cheches, vel. chechengari.

Abulto hazer algo. Co-action karahtakuhpemani, vel. Hahtakuhcupemani.

Abundar generalmente. General growth. Tziuakuarenchani. vel. Zinacuni.

Abundancia asi. Abundance as such. Tzinakuarenchakua. vel tzinakukua.

Abundoso. Abounded. Tzinakuarenchati, vel. Tzinakuti.

Acertadamente. Handieraparini.

Acertamiento. To make. Handierakua .

Acertar a lo que se tira. Close to what was aimed. Hurimbeti, teruretani.

Acertada cosa asi. Well aimed as such. Hurimbeti, teruretakata.

Acertador tal. Skilled person. Hurimbeti. Teruretari.

Acertamiento asi. Close as such. Hurimbeti teruretakua.

Acertar en los negocios. Biz skills. Tzez niyatani ambe, vel. Handierani.

Acertada cosa asi. Proper thing. Tzez niyatakata. vel. Handierakata.

Acertadamente esta manera. This way. Tzez niyataparin. l. Hadieraparini.

Acertador asi. Skillful like that. Tzez niyatati. vel. Handierari.

Acertamiento tal. Such skill. Tzez niyatakua. vel. Handierakua .

Acietre de agua bendita. Oily water. Ytzi uhchakurakata hatzirakua.

Aceuilarse. ________? Purepechaentzani.

Aceuilado. _______? Purepecha ukuarentzi.

Acezar. To get winded. Hyre hyremeni.

Acezar, o acarlear el perro. To wind the dog. Hyre hyremuni.

Achacar algo a alguno. Impute someone/thing. Tzez pihpekuekani.

Achacoso ser. To be sickly indisposed. Tzez pihperi.

Achacoso. Sickly indisposed. Pipis, vel. Puripuris.

Achaques poner escusandose. Continuous indisposed excuses.

Umpzkuareni. vel. Uandakua ukuareni.

Achacoso. Sickly indisposed. Upntzkuareri. vel. Uadakua ukuareri.

Achicar. To diminish. Kapierani.

Achicar obra, busca acorta. Search and destroy. Kanpikuriztani.

Acidentalmente busca acaso. Accidental search. Hecahtzitanihco.

Aclarar el tiempo. Clarify the time. Ambomaranztani.

Aclararse qualquer licor. Clear whichever liquor. Anbomenztani.

Aclarado licor. Clear liquor. Ambomanzkata.



Acoccar a otro. _____? Tzochombarihpeni, yel, tzauarekuhpeni.

Acoceado. Mistreated. Tzochorekukata. vel. tzauarekukata.

Acoceador. One whoe mistreas. Tzochombarihpeti. vel. tzauarekuhpeti.

Acodar vides o cosas asi. To square something. Tzirotani.

Acometer sin razon. Attack w/out cause. Tzinarchpemani. vel. undahpeni.

Acometedor. Attacker. Tzinarepemati. vel, undahperi.

Acometido. Attacked. Tzinarehperamakata vel. uudabperakata.

Acometimiento. Attacking. Tzinarehperakua, vel. undahperakua.

Acometer a otro. Attack someone. Undahpeni

Acometedor asi. Attacker as such. Undaperi.

Acometido asi. Attacked as such. Undahperakata.

Acometimiento. Temptation. Undahperakua.

Acompaniar a alguno en el lugar de esta de assiento. Accompany one in

place of her in seating. Uaxatahpeni. vel Hucambehpeni.

Acompaniado asi. Accompanied as such Uaxatengari. vel. hucambengari.

Acompaniado de esta mannera. Accompanied in such a manner.

Uaxatahperi vel. Hucambehperi.

Acompaniamiento asi. Ac. as. Uaxatahperakua. vel. hucambehperakua.

Acompaniar a otro a andano. Accompany other to walk. Pambehpeni.

Acompaniado asi. Accompanied as such. Pambengari

Acompaniador tal. Accompanier so. Pambehperi.

Acompaņamiento. Accompaniment. Pambehperakua.

Acompaniar el mayor. Accompany the majority. Tatzetzpeni.

Acompaņado asi. Accompanied as such. Tatzemengari.

Acompaniador tal. Accompanier so. Tatzetzperi.

Acompaniar al mayor o igual siguiendole. Follow at pace. Ahchuxahpeni.

Acompaniado asi. Accompany as such. Achuxgari.

Acompaniador tal. Accompanier so. Achuxahperi.

Acompaniamiento asi. Accompaniment as such. Achuxahperakua.

Acompaniar a otro hasta su casa. Accompany to house. Pahpeyanztani.

Acompaniado asi. Accompanied as such. Pagayanzri.

Acompaniador tal. Accompanier so. Pahpenzri.

Acompaniamiento asi. Accompaniment as such. Pahperanzkua.

Acompaniar a otro desde su casa. Accompany from house. huambehpeni.

Acompaniado. Accompanied. Huambengari.

Acompaniador tal. Accompanier so. Huambehperi.

Acompaniamiento asi. Accompaniment as such. huambehperakua.

Aconsejar. Advise. Uandauandahkuhpeni.

Aconsejado. Advisor. Uandauandahkungari.


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